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Here is a recent update on the Asian Longhorned Beetle in Bethel Ohio.  Although there is a delay in the report from the USDA that would give home owners options to pursue, perhaps including treatment of healthy trees, there is no delay on the USDA’s removal of infested and host trees.

And what is a host tree?  It is simply a tree that the Asian Longhorned Beetle can feed on.  And from the chart in a previous post, one can see that there are a lot of trees that it chooses.  That means that almost all trees in the greater Bethel area are tagets for removal, even if they are currently healthy.


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Here is a great video showing how tree injection works for Emerald Ash Borer, and also Asian Longhorned Beetle.  Although the US Department of Agriculture has not approved the protection of trees in Bethel, Ohio, it has approved this method in other parts of the country such as Wooster, MA.


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